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Project Delivery Executive Summit 2019

Latest breakthroughs in improving delivery of complex projects

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It will address three specific areas:

An emerging best practice for projects known as “Focus & Finish”. Just like the idea of single-piece flow revolutionized manufacturing in the 1990’s, Focus & Finish is helping organizations reduce their project delivery lead times and costs.

Automated scheduling and decision support for execution, best thought of like a GPS for projects. As delays, disruptions and changes happen, it automatically keeps teams working on the right tasks and executives focused on the right problems to solve, while giving them real-time visibility into estimated completion dates.

Contracting and cross-enterprise project review strategies that encourage agility while improving profitability for all the concerned parties.


It will address three specific areas:

How large and complex projects are being delivered faster and more reliably

Surprising impact on cash flow, not only for the project owner but also (especially) for contractors

What is most impactful in project delivery: better rules engine or machine learning?

What are the key differences between project supply chains and product supply chains

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Hyatt Regency Baltimore Inner Harbor


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