Strategic Webinar

Strategic Webinar

Strategic Webinar

Retail Banking operations throughout the coronavirus period


April 20, 2020 | 9am-12:50pm CET

No need to travel

2 hours of Strategic discussion about the future of banking operations

Personal discussion; possibility to raise questions in real time

Effective benchmarking of latest innovations

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Experience with Chatbots in communication with customers

How AI can help customers make communication easier?

Impact of communication technologies with CX

Implementation of RPA in back office operations

What mistakes can employees do and technology don‘t?

Digital banks revolutionize the industry to its core. (Will digital banks replace regular banks)

Benefits of attending

How does coronavirus influence the speed of implementation of new technologies? Are we prepared for any similar situation?

New technology and coronavirus - synergies to influence the banking ecosystem.

Will there be a need for re-structuring of the workforce in the coming days, weeks, months? Any scenarios?

How to adapt a new strategy if the coronavirus escalates in the future. Do we have a plan B?

Sustainability of the operations, growth, profitability.


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