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  • Martin Hayes
  • Director
  • Stanfield Consultants, United Kingdom
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Course description

This course will deliver an understanding of selecting the appropriate rig for well construction operations and the recommended inspection practices prior to and during operations. Further this course delivers an understanding of how inspection and verification techniques can be used to optimise performance. With the ever present need to minimise non-productive time whilst maintaining well integrity and wellsite safety the requirement to ensure quality assurance of all contractors beyond regulatory safety requirements is a key competency for any engineer involved in the operation. By understanding of the condition and limitations of the drilling rig selected through its contracted term it better enables the optimisation of performance and minimisation of risk. Knowledge from this course will be able to be directly applied in understanding the impact and advantages of a well-designed inspection schedule beyond a regulatory requirement. Using case studies and real-life examples this course will build on delivered theory to show the impacts of rig selection, mandatory and voluntary inspection on actual rig performance and where limitations will be encountered.

Key takeaways

This course was designed to be delivered online over three half days, though can be modified to be delivered in person over two full days. The course consists of three main topics spread over 6 lectures and 3 practical exercises; time will also be given to encourage discussion amongst attendees on the subjects being presented and their experiences.

The goal is to deliver the following learning objectives to the attendees:

LEARN how to select the optimum drilling rig for your operation

LEARN how to manage the risks of under specified rigs

UNDERSTAND the role of inspection as a proactive tool from tender to operation

LOOK beyond mechanical to the no longer emergent risks

LEARN techniques to supporting performance optimisation


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