Smart Workspace Design Summit



Welcome to the Smart Workspace Design Summit, the premier three-day conference that brings together a distinguished gathering of industry experts and seasoned professionals to explore the cutting-edge trends and innovations in smart workspace design. This exceptional event is meticulously curated to empower organizations and professionals with the latest insights, strategies, and best practices in creating inspiring, efficient, and future-proof workspaces, maximizing your business potential, and ensuring a distinctive competitive edge in today’s dynamic and rapidly evolving work environment.

Event speakers

Andras L. Danko
Head of Global Programme Management and Global Strategic Facilities Management
Bayer, Germany
Henk Smeenk
Concept Owner Hybrid Workplace
KLM, Netherlands
Mònica Ors Romagosa
Corporate Architect
Roche, Switzerland
Izabella Lorenz
Global Real Estate & Workplace Strategy
Zoom, Netherlands
Key Kawamura