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Masterclass A | Performance


14:00 - 15:30 Masterclass IV

HOW TO WOW Using Nature's Potential to Blow Everyone Away!

Anicee Bauer, environmental psychologist at Design Studio D/DOCK in Amsterdam, will first give an overview of the background, the effects and the different patterns of Biophilic Design, tapping into the broad and diverse possibilities of translating nature into design (elements). Having set the stage, the Masterclass will offer a series of ideation exercises, where participants are challenged to think out-of-the-ordinary, make odd connections and together synergize design ideas that are “out there”! The experiences and difficulties of “opening up your mind” and “letting go of restrictions” are discussed and reflected upon: (how) can this approach be (made) suitable for the work process between clients and designers? Could it help company’s to create an environment, that never bores – that attracts the workforce they want, that unites people and that reflects a common identity? … Or are we imagining things here? …;-)

  • Anicee Bauer
  • Environmental Psychologist
  • D/DOCK, Netherlands


10:30 - 11:30 Masterclass VII

Sleep in the Workplace

Everything you need to know about rest and sleep for employees.

  • Christopher Lindholst
  • CEO & Co-Founder
  • Metronaps, United States of America

14:45 - 16:00 Masterclass X

The Future of Work Beyond Space

Space Matters. No doubt about that. Space helps to stimulate creativity and innovation. Office space is a great ‘tool’ to influence behaviour in organizations and facilitate productivity and collaboration. The shift we are making in this era is however more meaningful and might be astronomous. What we call ‘the future of work” is at its core a deep collective shift regarding the way we work, contribute, lead and live.

In this masterclass Rosan will share her vision on our changing work- en lifestyle patterns and trends. What are the trends and next steps shaping the future of work? This masterclass will be inspiring, (inter)active and lively. You will be challenged to envision the future of work for your organization, team or crowd. Next to that you will leave this space with some hands-on ideas that will help you translate the future to actions in the here and now.

  • Rosan Gompers
  • Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator in Human-Centered Design
  • The Community Office, Netherlands

Masterclass B | Purpose


15:30 - 17:00 Masterclass VI

The Core of Everything: Human!

In the very near future, robots and AI will be able to do almost anything better than humans and they will. Maybe this digitalised future will be “head over clouds” perfect, but it will surely impose extreme challenges… Digitalisation, changing work environments, new economic models, changing workforce, changing ecology…

A new world is coming with extreme challenges and we need to be mentally and emotionally strong like never before.

So here is the question: Are we prepared for this? No, not at all.

Come join us on this 1,5 hour Masterclass where we'll discuss:

  • Mindfulness basics
  • How can mindfulness exercises can help us strengthen our human skills (focus, clarity, cognitive flexibility, decision making, creativity, empathy, compassion and love.
  • Above all, we'll discuss whether if there's a scientific formula for being happier!

Join us to find out!

  • Nilay Aydogan
  • CEO
  • Mindfulness Alliance, Turkey


11:30 - 13:00 Masterclass VIII.

How to Create and Calculate a Sustainable Interior Based On Environmental Impact, Circularity And Health

  • How to design/create a sustainable interior based on impartial information
  • Learn about the environmental impact (LCA), circularity and health of products and materials
  • Compare and calculate the sustainability of interiors
  • How to use INSIDE/INSIDE and make sustainable practice more accessible
  • Q&A
  • Remy Heijer
  • Project Manager of INSIDE/INSIDE
  • Dutch Green Building Council, Netherlands
  • Edwin van Noort
  • Director of Development
  • Dutch Green Building Council, Netherlands
  • Mantijn van Leeuwen
  • Managing Director
  • NIBE, Netherlands

14:00 - 15:00 Masterclass IX.

Limited seats : 25

What if We Fly? Creating Space for Innovation

How do you create an agile work environment? And how do you ensure that space strengthens an agile culture? Meet Kristine from launchlabs Berlin and Jeroen from Accenture Netherlands and start co-creating The Agile Work Environment of the Future!

Kristine and Jeroen worked together on many occasions helping both training participants and clients to reach the next innovation level. Not only do they live and teach an agile mindset themselves, they also create and use both physical and mental space to support this way of working.

During their interactive Masterclass, you will:

  • Get to understand the basic principles of innovation-enhancing work environments
  • Earn from their practical experience: what are do's and dont's regarding workspace design?
  • Co-create your preferred agile workspace using Design Thinking
  • Try out and reflect upon materials and furniture that are already in itself

Be prepared for 90 minutes of space-related f*ck-ups and successes, while taking away concrete leads to create an agile work environment that matches your needs.

  • Jeroen de Groot
  • Design Thinking Lead Liquid Studio
  • Accenture, Netherlands
  • Kristine Biegman
  • Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator of Innovation
  • launchlabs GmnH Berlin, Germany

15:30 - 16:30

Hack the Learning Experience

  • Challenge your workplace experience on continuous learning, Employee Engagement and digitization
  • Thrive innovation by role-playing
  • HI (Human Intelligence) vs AI (Artificial Intelligence)
  • Gilberto Vizzini
  • Country Manager
  • Il Prisma, United Kingdom
  • Valentina Rao
  • Workplace Strategist
  • Il Prisma, Italy
  • Giacomo Rozzo
  • Workplace Strategist
  • Il Prisma, Italy

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