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Felippe Silveira

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director

Co-Founder & Executive Creative Director


From the beautiful lands of Rio de Janeiro to the sunny Miami--and most recently Barcelona and Lisbon-- Felippe built with MOWE Studio, a remote environment to empower creative people and deliver animation solutions to companies around the globe. By paying attention to how technology evolved along the years, MOWE Studio was born and made a presence in the creative industry by redefining the way traditional Design and Motion Studios operates.

The remote workspace allowed Felippe's team and clients to succeed faster in both personal and professional lives by following a structure MOWE Studio built in this space. Today, after working with clients from Startups to Fortune 100 companies, Felippe and MOWE want to inspire other business to visualize what's possible and embrace the remote workspace in their structure.

Besides MOWE Studio, Felippe has a background in Design, with a Master Degree in Motion Graphics by the Escuala Superior de Diseño(Spain), and he also built other remote companies as UX Motion Design, and PixelHopp - both operating from Brazil.