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Kristine Biegman

Consultant, Trainer, Facilitator of Innovation

launchlabs GmnH Berlin, Germany


Using space to pave ways for new work cultures, Kristine aims to make the working world a bit more beautiful and innovative. In her current role as a Consultant, Trainer and Facilitator in Human-Centred Design for launchlabs in Berlin, she helps companies all over the world to develop products, services, and processes that truly add value. By applying Design Thinking and other agile approaches in trainings, workshops and projects, she inspires them to rethink their ways of working and redesign their physical work environment.

After graduating in Communication and Information Sciences, Kristine worked for several years as a Change Management Consultant. She gained an in-depth understanding of the variety of challenges different companies faced. This “hunger” for understanding and helping organisations, teams and individuals to realise positive change, never stopped. As a Blended Learning Designer, she helped people develop according to their strengths and feel skilled and fulfilled job-wise. After studying Design Thinking she knew: this was her new professional calling!

It is the mindset that comes with this way of working what Kristine is most passionate about. She focuses on creating space. Space for oneself and for others to freely express, explore and experiment, taking into account both methodical, material and psychological aspects. Discover fearlessly, embrace diversity, think freely and invite the new: that’s her mantra!