Ahmad is from Atlanta, Georgia USA. He began his Islamic education from childhood and completed memorization of the Quran at age 14. He holds a Bsc in Usul Fiqh (Shariah) and Msc Islamic Banking and Finance both from International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). His thesis was on the topic of adapting Crowdfunding for SME Finance in Malaysia. His research led him to become a specialist and consultant in Crowdfunding. Ahmad provided Shariah and Crowdfunding Consultation to Lawyers structuring Ethis contracts and was instrumental in coordinating Shariah discussions and decisions with leading international Shariah advisories to acquire Shariah compliant Status of the current Ethis contracts. His understanding of crowdfunding and Shariah are essential to ensure that the new approaches and structures explored and adopted by Ethis Ventures Are both compliant and true to the spirit of Islamic Finance.