Albert Mardikian holds numerous patents on leading innovations and designs in the environmental, marine, and automotive industries. He has also received many awards and honors, including the IMTEC Innovation Award. Mr. Mardikian has dedicated his life to improving industries through inventive technologies. As a distinguished automotive designer and engineer, Mr. Mardikian created coachwork and designs for Ferrari, Lamborghini, Porsche, Mercedes, BMW, and Honda. He partnered with government and defined safety standards for the Department of Transportation and has manufactured special emission systems on boats and automobiles for the Environmental Protection Agency. He also tested models of exotic cars, boats, and watercraft for compliance with US Safety, DOT, Coast Guard, and EPA standards. Mr. Mardikian’s passion for bettering our world soon steered him toward becoming the successful owner of Green Environmental Waste and Recycling. He gained first-hand experience in every task involved in the waste processing enterprise, at times working manually with the trash himself. He was later approached by the US and Middle-East waste industries to consult on improving the efficiency of the trash-handling process. Through his investigations, Mr. Mardikian witnessed piling and overflowing landfills both in the US and abroad and observed the labor-intensive systems used for dealing with waste. His recent projects are a direct response to the apparent needs of the industry. Albert Mardikian received his Bachelor of Science Degree in Aircraft Maintenance and Design Engineering in 1971 from Northrop University in Los Angeles, California.