Andrea Mills has over 15 years international experience in emerging technology scouting and IP licensing, matured in the context of corporate venturing, open innovation and external R&D roles in life science and energy. Since 2008, he has served as Chief Advisor to the leaderships of Z-Cube (the corporate venture arm of Zambon Pharmaceuticals) sourcing early-stage technology platforms in North America with regards to drug delivery platforms, medical devices, point-of-care diagnostics, bio-imaging technologies, wearable biosensors, individualized medicine, bioinformatics and digital healthcare. At Z-Cube, he contributed to the design of a new search & development model for open innovation that allows the de-risking of unincorporated early-stage technologies in a very capital efficient way, while co-developing solutions that address unmet medical needs. Mr. Mills developed and nurtured a dense network of connections within the innovation community in the U.S., while facilitating the negotiation of complex licensing deals and multi-year sponsored research agreements with the technology transfer offices of several prestigious universities and research institutions. Prior to corporate venturing and technology scouting, he engaged extensively in knowledge management consulting and innovation strategy for multinational clients in Europe and the U.S., working in different verticals – including pharmaceuticals, energy, oil & gas, telecommunications, banking, software, government and academia. He conceived organizational processes for open innovation in large organizations and designed software tools for matching solutions in search of problems across industries, and sense-making of crowd-sourced concepts. He contributed to a multi-year effort for promoting and accelerating transatlantic technology and knowledge transfer between the U.S. and Europe.