Arturo López-Linares is the director of Anti-Fraud and recoveries in the Axa group in Spain (Axa Insurance and Direct Insurance). With 20 years of experience in the insurance industry he has spent the last 8 years directing strategic activities with direct impact on durable on financial performance and the efficiency of the processes of the Company. Under his leadership the Anti-Fraud AXA Spain has developed a profound transformation both in front of prevention, investigation and detection, turning AXA into a major player in the market. Also actively participates in sectorial forums and national and international character and represents Axa safe from government agencies market in Fraud and recovery activities. Arturo has a background in business law and master in business management and has participated and developed multiple projects the latter being directly linked to the use of Big Data and its applications in the Anti-Fraud. This Allowing him to acquire a preview to changes in the national environment and / or international level, thus facilitating the levers of performance necessary to meet the future demands of the business / customers.