Ashwag Turky Baha is Chief Care Officer at Jawwy from STC. In this role, Ashwaq leads, oversees, plans and manages the company’s customer care function in line with the Company’s vision of being a truly digital mobile service provider. Before joining Jawwy from STC in July 2016, Ashwaq was the Customer Care Director at Virgin Mobile Saudi Arabia from 2014 to 2016. In this role, she was responsible for leading the company’s customer care policy. In the 10 years prior to this, Ashwag held several managerial positions at Mobily, including that of Quality Assurance Executive Manager. Ashwag began her career at King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah as a Lecturer & Teaching assistant in 2001. During her career, she accomplished many achievements in strategic business planning, quality management and leading customer service teams, making her responsible for developing the departments she worked with and achieving exceptional results. Ashwag is a graduate of King Abdul Aziz University, majoring in Computer Science and also holds Mini MBA in Telecommunication from the Telecoms Academy. Additionally, she holds CIAC certification in “People Management & Operation Manager”.