Aged 59 years, Assoc.Prof. Dr .Hj Abd Aziz Abd Rahman is The Chief Executive Officer of KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital since November 2013. He graduated with a Master in Pharmacy, 1983 from Institute Technology Bandung, Indonesia (ITB), Post Graduate Diploma In Medical Microbiology (IMR) 1990 from Institute of Medical Research Malaysia, Master Clinical Pharmacy (1992) from University Science of Malaysia (USM) and Post Graduate Hospital and Health Management, 1997 from South Bank University of London and holds MBA in 2002 from Institute of Business and Management IBM GLOBAL Jakarta Indonesia in cooperation with Washington International University. He had been appointed by KPJ University College as a visiting Associate Professor (clinical) since May 2014 for the faculty of Pharmacy. He had just passed his PhD program in Management from Universiti Malaysia Pahang in October 2015. He started his career as Pharmacist in Government hospital from 1983-1995. His career with KPJ Healthcare Berhad commenced in 1995 as Chief Pharmacist in KPJ Johor Specialist Hospital from 1995-1999 and promoted to Deputy General Manager in PSH in 1999, General Manager in Rumah Sakit Selasih, Indonesia from 2000-2003 ,CEO of KPJ Seremban since it’s operational and now he is the CEO of KPJ Penang Specialist Hospital in Malaysia. He is also a visiting lecturer at the School of Pharmacy, KPJ University College .