Azharuddin Ismail is the General Manager of Pendinginan Megajana Sdn Bhd (Megajana), the sole provider of District Cooling System in Cyberjaya, Malaysia. Cyberjaya with a land space of 6,960 acres is a fully integrated city with a supportive eco-system within the township making it an ideal place for the development of district cooling system. Azharuddin has about 26 years of professional experience with 8 years in oil and gas, 8 years with manufacturing and slightly more than 10 years in managing district cooling plant. He leads a team in developing, maintaining, operating, promoting, managing and servicing district cooling plant. Megajana currently serve chilled water to 37 buildings in Cyberjaya within a radius of 5 kilometres from the plants. During his tenure at Megajana he has successfully manage to develop the plants from an initial capacity of 7,000 Refrigerant Ton to 20,000 Refrigerant Ton. The plants currently have two chilled water storage tanks and three ice storage tanks with a total capacity of 72,000 RTh.