Bashir Fancy is Managing Director, Corporate Solutions & Services Inc. he was Senior Executive Advisor – Business Risk at Grant Thornton LLP and also with Deloitte & Touche. He has assisted their clients globally in understanding and applying a risk-based approach to achieving sustainable compliance, governance, security and fraud prevention as it related to the Payments Industry and broader business in general, creating a ”return on investment”. Prior to that, Mr. Fancy served as the Executive Vice President for Risk Management & Security and as the Global Head of Internal Audit for Visa International. He was key member of the original team at Visa that developed the “Account Information Security” –Data Security Standards (now known as PCI- DSS), impacting any Organization that stores, and processes or transmits credit card information. Bashir Fancy, in his role as the Head of Risk Management & Security for Visa Canada, developed & implemented a strategy of Fraud Prevention, that was implemented globally and led to 50% reduction in fraud losses, after a growth of 40% per year for 5 previous years. Mr. Fancy has been assisting Organizations and Governments globally with his extensive and broad background that includes hands on IT, Operations, Marketing & Sales, and Internal Audit, Finance and Risk Management & Security, including building Issuer and Acquirer systems. Mr. Fancy has held senior management roles at Citibank, managed Payment division of SNS (now part of TELUS), Air Canada and the “Supermarket Group”, after starting his career at West, Wake & Price (Auditors).