Mr. Calvin Ho is the Senior General Manager of Sunway Theme Parks managing both Sunway Lagoon and Lost World Of Tambun. As the Senior General Manager of two of Asia’s most popular Theme Parks, he focuses on three fundamental principles; wholesome family fun, fostering talents and nature conservation. Helming such a key position in the industry, Mr.Calvin strives to continuously uplift the theme park industry to greater heights and has proven to be the ‘Real Deal’, having successfully established Sunway Lagoon as one of the top theme park destinations in the region for the past 20 years, with its sister attraction. In Lost World Of Tambun, he oversaw the expansion of the park on a yearly basis in his 12 years career span. Amongst them are Hot Springs & Spa, Petting Zoo, Tin Valley, Hippo Kingdom and Ipoh Street making the Theme Park a popular family destination in this region.