Senior Inspector Jan Garry Lunas of the Bureau of Fire Protection, Republic of the Philippines is a Registered Mechanical Engineer by profession. He was heavily involved in the development of the Implementing Rules and Regulations of the Fire Code of the Philippines of 2008. He was also one of the most sought after lecturer on the Fire Code and fire safety topics in the Philippines. He works closely with various professional organizations to improve fire safety compliance and to ensure that fire safety are included in the design of buildings. Engr. Lunas also joined the investigation of the various controversial fire incidents in the Philippines like the Serendra Condominium explosion and the Kentex manufacturing plant fire incident which claimed the lives of at least 72 individuals. He was formerly the Chief of the Fire Safety Enforcement Section of the Quezon City Fire District and the Fire Safety Enforcement Division of the Bureau of Fire Protection in the Philippines tasked to implement the provisions of its Philippine Fire Code. Engr. Lunas holds a Masters Degree in Business Administration and Ph.D. in Development Education.