Since January 1, 2008 Carin Smand has been the Managing Director of the European Hematology Association (EHA) which has its Executive Office in The Hague, The Netherlands. EHA, a nonprofit organization founded in 1992, promotes excellence in clinical practice, research and education in European hematology. Since she has worked for EHA her main focus has been to further professionalize the organization by working towards the development and implementation of the association’s strategy and policy, especially in the areas of continuous medical education, the relationship with pharmaceutical industry, lobbying activities, and international collaboration. After a 10 year career in accountancy and tax she worked for 11 years for the Dutch Health Care Insurance Board as policy maker and Secretary of various medical specialty committees, advising the Minister of Health on the public health care insurance system. After that she worked as a national coordinator for organ and tissue donation for the Dutch Transplant Foundation. Carin Smand studied Health Sciences (policy and strategy) at the University of Maastricht and Business Economics at the Hogeschool Amsterdam (Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences).