After having been graduated for Mechanical studies and Research and Development specialisation, I started to work for the valves manufacturing industry at Flow Control Technologies (Genoyer Group), as a projects coordinator. Involved in many projects over the world, we have provided thousands of valves that are, for some of them, still installed and operating on various Oil & Gas plants (both onshore & offshore). Then, a short career in the Environment industry, for the construction of Waste combustion plants at CNIM, at the Project Management department. This is after this interesting experience that I started my long-lasting story with the Turnarounds. Since 2002, within the Turnaround business, I have covered most of the functions related to TA management (Planning, Scheduling, Cost, Projects management…) and I have then switched, in 2004, to the management of a team of Planning & Scheduling experts at Alpha Maintenance (Ponticelli Group), as an agency manager, for south of France and foreign countries area. Now & since 2014, I am Deputy Director for Oil & Gas Downstream sector at Ponticelli Group for all project types but still with a specific focus to the Turnarounds business.