Chris Milliken’s career in Retail Development spans 25 years  – He was responsible for leasing  a number of major retail and entertainment malls across Europe before focussing on Outlet Retail  by joining Freeport in 2001.  Since then Freeport has built and managed outlet villages in France, Portugal, Sweden, Denmark, Italy, Slovakia and the Czech Republic.  Since 2013  Chris has been responsible for Freeport’s fast growing business in South-East Asia. Based in Kuala Lumpur the team’s first project was, and still is, to  work as development and operational manager of the Freeport A’famosa Outlet located adjacent to  the A’famosa Resort near Malacca which was opened by the DPM in January 2016.  Freeport is currently handling the development of the 210,000 sq.ft  Acenda Designer Outlet in Manila which is under construction and will open July 2018.  Freeport has new projects in the pipeline for Thailand and Vietnam.  In addition to Outlets Freeport is also growing its shopping centre management activities in Asia  in response to the fast changing customer demands for ‘experienced based’ retail.