Christof Langer is Co-Founder and CEO of OncoQR ML, an Austrian biotech company focussing on oncology and autoimmune diseases. OncoQR, based on the proprietary S-TIR(TM) technology platform, delivers next-generation checkpoint technology in oncology by naturally triggering humoral as well as cellular immune response. OncoQR’s S-TIR(TM) platfrom is the first and only technology to initiate all four oncological tumor killing mechnisms at the same time. Prior to that he co-founded and headed S-TARget therapeutics, a biotech start-up with focus on severe allergic diseases. S-TARget’s technology was successfully outlicensed to the 100% allergy dedicated arm of Merck Group. Besides his mandate serving as COO of TYG-oncology ltd., a start-up company specialized in fighting pancreatic, esophageal, and gastric cancers, he owns his own consulting company OSConsulting, specialized in Life Science Consulting, Education, and Auditing. His first 13 years in the Life Science industry Christof spent at Baxter Inc. where he held various management positions in Baxter’s operations business and was trained as a Lean-Six Sigma Black Belt. He headed Baxter’s blockbuster hemophilia drug site in Switzerland and built up Baxter’s vaccines business in the Czech Republic, beeing worldwide the first licensed large scale non-egg-based pandemic influenza manufacturing. Christof’s entire professional life was inseparably tied to innovation and development.