Christophe Dohr is Head MS&T at Acino Pharma, Switzerland, with 10+ years’ experience in the pharma industry and in the operational excellence field. Acino is a Swiss pharmaceutical company headquartered in Zurich, which provides high-quality medicines to emerging markets with a strategic focus on the Middle East, Africa, Ukraine/CIS including Russia, and Latin America. In his previous position as Production Head Site Liesberg (from February 2014 to February 2017), Christophe was responsible for the manufacturing of pharmaceutical solid forms (1.8 Bio Units/year) at the production site Liesberg and ambassador for a continuous improvement culture which enabled the site Liesberg to raise its output by 140% in the last 3 years, while addressing costs containment targets and increasing Quality & HSE requirements. The site Liesberg is specialized in the production of complex galenic formulations with delayed API release (e.g. Multiple Unit Pellet Systems / M.U.P.S.). Acino’s portfolio at the Liesberg site comprises oral drugs for treating cardiovascular disorders and Parkinson’s disease as well as various narcotic substances. Before joining Acino Pharma in February 2014, Christophe worked 7 years at Novartis in various fields of the Production, Regulatory-CMC as well as in the Pharmaceutical Production Global Strategy Team.