Chun Schiros is a team lead in validation of missioncritical models focusing primarily on Market Risk, Operational Risk, and PPNR frameworks within the Model Risk Management and Validation Depart-ment of Regions Bank in Birmingham, Alabama. She has over 6 years of quantitative analytical experi-ence in various quantitative fields including risk functional areas in finance, quantitative analysis sup-porting medical research in heart diseases, and magnetic resonance image 3D reconstruction and pro-cessing. Chun has been a member of Regions since October 2014. Prior to joining Regions, she worked as a re-search statistician in University of Alabama at Birmingham hospital, designed, performed and validated statistical models based on patient data for various research hypotheses. She has 14 journal publications in high impact journals and nine presentations in related conferences. Chun holds a doctorate degree in Electrical Engineering, focusing on 3D Magnetic Resonance Images reconstruction. She also holds two master degrees in Statistics and Engineering.