Trainer has been engaged in the finance and investment management sectors, on both sides of the Atlantic, for more than 25 years. After completing his education in the UK, Canada and the US, he co-founded and became the CEO of an investment management company based in the USA during the 1980’s and 90’s. The company provided wealth management and fiduciary services to a variety of international clients and had offices in Los Angeles, London, Toronto and Munich. His own responsibilities included personalized business management, international tax planning and providing strategic financial advice to high net worth individuals. Since re-locating to the UK in 2000, he has continued, as an FCA registered investment adviser, to be engaged in providing strategic investment advice to private clients and pension funds. During recent years he has written several books on international finance, focusing on asset allocation and risk management. He also has also been very actively involved in executive education on a global basis for finance professionals. He conducts workshops and in house courses on a variety of topics including risk management, Basel III and capital adequacy, central banking, systemic risk, asset allocation techniques, credit risk, market risk and derivatives. Some of the clients for whom he has provided in house training include a central bank in the Eurozone, the largest bank in Russia, one of China’s G-SIB banks, two of Europe’s G-SIB banks, a central bank in North Africa, a sovereign wealth fund in the Gulf, China’s largest asset management company in Beijing, a central bank in South America, a Saudi bank in Riyadh, a public/private partnership in project finance based in Washington D.C., and the European Investment Bank (EIB). As an author he has written several titles on finance and investment management. His most recent book entitled Systemic Liquidity Risk and Bipolar Markets was published by Wiley Finance in February 2013, and looks at new challenges facing asset allocators and risk managers in the post financial crisis environment. An earlier book entitled Long/Short Market Dynamics: Trading Strategies for Today’s Markets (Wiley, 2007) dealt primarily with alternative asset management strategies. He was also commissioned by the London based Chartered Institute for Securities and Investment (CISI), to write three textbooks, Securities (Level 4) for those seeking the Investment Advice Diploma, and Financial Markets, and Portfolio Construction Theory and Wealth Management, which are foundation items for those seeking the Master’s qualification from the CISI. In 2013 he developed a distance learning course on the Mechanics of Risk Management which leads to a Post Graduate Certificate (PGC) awarded by Middlesex University. This course has been running successfully for two years and he is now completing the process for a similar PGC on The Mechanics of Financial Derivatives. In addition he has recently been engaged to act as the course director for an Online MBA in Banking & Finance for the same university in London. He has also been a regular analyst/contributor to CNBC Europe and other broadcast outlets, a columnist for several print and online publications, and has been a featured speaker at international investment and trading expos.