Over 19 years (15 years in USA) of rich experience working in multiple industries including Fortune 500 company in USA in state of art IT, in services, manufacturing, financial services, Food & Uniform Services, Hospitals etc. Expert in Information Technology and Global Information Delivery Systems – Consulting, Planning, Management, Strategic Analysis, Alliances, Digitalization, Process improvements, Change Managements & delivery, Internal education. Strategic Thinker, Collaborative/Team Approach, and thrives under pressure by strategically planning, executing and follow through. Dynamic Management Career with Strong leadership, problem solving, planning, team-building and project management skills. Demonstrated solid analytical skills, team management and Project Management skills. Developed applications based on emerging technologies. Partnered with business/SBU (strategic business units) for setting protocol management, goal setting, performance management. Lead acquisition teams for IT integration, database consolidation and migration activities