Danila Medvedev is a Russian futurologist who has attracted attention to ‘new wave’ futurology in Russia, including nanotechnologies (as a result, the company ‘Rusnano’ was created), cyborgization (the topic of the recent GEEK- picnic festival), NBIC convergence (new faculty in the MIPT) and many other ideas (cryonics, intelligence amplification). Danila Medvedev is one of the co-founders of the Russian Transhumanist Movement (transhuman.ru) – a non-state organization with a focus and research activities in the spheres: prolongation of life, global risk prevention and human improvement. For two years, he hosted the TV show ‘Targets for the future’ on the Science 2.0 channel, where with the support of invited experts and animators he described and presented our middle-term future. From 2006 to 2009, Danila Medvedev was the head of ‘KrioRus’, a company that implements cryonics services and now has become the sphere’s leader on the Eurasian continent. He also supports import substitution in vacuum technologies and is taking part in the foundation of a cryonics company in China (Jinan city). His previous professional experience also includes investment banking, teaching and business consulting.