For over five (5) years, Mr. Portula has been closely working with the Department of Finance, the Insurance Commission and other financial regulators in the Philippines that resulted to the development of Microinsurance regulatory framework and the Microinsurance national strategy, including the establishment of a roadmap to financial literacy on Microinsurance and Alternative Dispute Resolution mechanisms for Microinsurance. He has provided technical inputs in various studies such as on Microinsurance Regulatory Impact Assessment in the Philippines and national microinsurance market studies in Indonesia, Nepal, Mongolia and Myanmar. In 2014, he supported an international team that conducted a study on the response of microinsurance to typhoon Haiyan, where he made presentations of the findings in national and international conferences on disaster insurance. Mr. Portula, in his capacity as senior advisor in GIZ, is also providing advice on inclusive insurance market development to insurance supervisors and insurance associations in Asian counties such as Nepal, Indonesia, Thailand and Mongolia. In 2005 to 2009 in GTZ, Mr. Portula led the capacity building of rural banks and NGOs on SME finance using cash flow based lending approach. He is responsible in organizing the SME Finance training program of the University of the Philippines with coaching from GFA Consulting Group. He got his training in Frankfurt School of Finance and Management on SME Finance. He has more than 18 years of Microfinance experience in the Philippines and Southeast Asia. His expertise in solidarity lending started in Catholic Relief Services in the Philippines, as Project Officer in 1992 and as Regional Manager in 1996. In 2001, he worked as Microfinance consultant for PACT in Cambodia where he was responsible in providing Village Banking trainings and coaching to officers and staff of four national MFIs. Mr. Portula is trained on the concepts of Stakeholders’ Dialogue from the Collective Leadership Institute (CLI) of Germany. He has intensive experience in projects that involve public and private stakeholders’ collaboration. He took his Masters in Management and Business Management (MMBM) at the University of the Philippines, and Bachelor of Science in Education Major in Mathematics at Philippines Leyte Institute of Technology.