Dariusz Zieliński is a Director of Insurance Centre at Altkom Software & Consulting (ASC), Poland. He has always been interested in issues on the brink of software and economics along with their commercialization in the financial sector.

Having graduated the elite Quantitative Methods in Economics and Information Systems at the Warsaw School of Economics, he started his career at the bank start-up, which launched its activity at the peak of the banking crisis, whereas today is considered one of the most onward banks in Poland. As a next step in his career, he had decided to expand his experience in consulting industry where, for several years, he had been advising companies from financial sector on strategy and operations. For a short time he was an entrepreneur, trying his hand at various fields of activity. Currently he manages the Insurance Centre at ASC where he is responsible i.a. for business development.

He is a creative co-author of business assumptions of Altkom White Label – an insurance core system. For that matter he participates in innovation research workshops, organized by ASC for Clients in the insurance sector.

Privately sailing and, recently, RV travelling enthusiast. Whenever he finds some free time, he travels the world in the camper, always accompanied by two cats of his.

Believes in people, their willingness and good intentions, which, in his opinion, only need to be properly targeted in order to succeed in professional and private life.