Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Azman is currently the Deputy Chief Executive Officer of Operations for the Social Security Organisation (SOCSO) of Malaysia. A Medical Doctor by profession, Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Azman has had an illustrious career especially in the field of social insurance. He was instrumental in several innovations and changes to enhance SOCSO’s involvement in occupational medicine and disability assessments. These include introducing Occupational Health Training for general physicians, Disability Assessment , the first Occupational Disease Guideline in Malaysia and the establishment of prevention strategies and activities for safety and health among SOCSO insured persons and the developmentof the SOCSO Return to Work Program, notably through the establishment of SOCSO’s Rehabilitation Centre in Malacca. He is also active in both the local and international arena, especially in the field of social insurance, occupational safety and health and rehabilitation. Dato’ Dr. Mohammed Azman has also presented over 200 papers both locally and abroad.