Debra Feldman, MD is the Vice President and Head of Medical Safety Assessment for Specialty and Mature Products at Bristol Myers Squibb (BMS). Debra is board certified in Internal Medicine. She spent 14 years in clinical practice in academic/ teaching sites at the Medical College of Pennsylvania, and at Graduate Hospital as division chair of general internal medicine. Along with patient care, Debra co-directed medical ethics training for medical students, chaired the hospital ethics committee, published in the field of medical ethics and clinical skills, and served on the hospital Institutional Review Board. Debra joined the pharmaceutical industry in 2001 as a safety physician at Wyeth. While at Wyeth (now Pfizer), she was accountable for anti-inflammatory products for rheumatologic, skin and asthma therapies across all stages of development. Debra went on to become the global therapeutic area leader for these disease groups, managing a team of physicians and scientists. Additionally, Debra played a key role in delineating pharmacovigilance group support in clinical development projects, and in review of product quality issues in the context of product safety. Debra joined AstraZeneca in October of 2010 as senior director in Patient Safety, working on infection and rheumatologic products. In June 2011, Debra moved into the role of Therapeutic Area Medical Expert for Respiratory and Inflammation, working both indirectly and directly with AZ products and PS projects. Debra joined BMS in 2013 where she is accountable for safety activities for the Specialty and Mature product portfolio, as well as optimizing strategic approaches and regulatory compliance.