Derrick Bock is a design leader and innovator. Through progressive thinking, he has added value to companies, by reducing costs and increasing employee satisfaction. With a background in Architecture, coupled with a focus on Human- Centered insights, he has generated innovative ideas that have driven tangible, positive results. This emphasis on the Human-Experience is the cornerstone that allows for his projects to be widely successful. His exposure to Senior Executives, Directors of Design and Chief Executive Officers (C-suite) has given him the ability to confidently lead and influence all levels of the organisation. With this hands-on experience, he has successfully transitioned from Architect/Interior Designer to Facilities Operations and is now a WorkPlace Design leader. Human-centred design and reducing friction to the customer experience have been the focus of his work whilst curating unique experiences both in built environments and the strategic implementation of them globally. Derrick enjoys sharing his views on the global workplace and it’s evolution while redefining how to add value to the key stakeholders. Derrick is a WorkPlace Futurist, strategist, designer and father.