Dimitar Baev holds a Master Degree in Mechanical Engineering from the university of Ruse (Bulgaria). He joined BULMARKET 15 years ago, where he became responsible for LPG business – technical and regulatory aspects, introducing the first LPG unloading pier on Lower Danube. Later on Dimitar became the person, who construct and start the first private CNG refueling station in Bulgaria, enlarging the chain to 22 own and joint-venture stations. Later on for few years, he is responsible for growth of the company like first private railway operator in the country. From 2010 Dimitar takes control of the company investment in Austria – biodiesel plant Enns. At 2013 he is takes over relocation of the plant from Austria to Bulgaria, as well start of new project of the company – Small scale LNG terminal in Port BULMARKET and satellite terminals in Sofia and Plovdiv. Recently he was appointed as Deputy Manager of the company, responsible for investment policy & projects.