‘Dorthe Tolborg has been the Chief Audit Executive of Danske Bank Group since February 2015. Her primary focus is to help the Board of Directors and Executive Board to protect the assets, reputation and sustainability of the Danske Bank Group. In her team she has 105 FTEs located in 10 countries to support her in achieving her objectives. During 2015 and continuing into 2016 Dorthe has been focusing on transforming the audit function from auditing the financial statements and giving an audit opinion on the those to now focusing on auditing processes and controls from an operational and compliance view. Before joining Danske Bank Dorthe held the position as International Chief Auditor in the insurance group RSA for more than 5 years. She was accountable for the internal audit of the Group’s insurance businesses in Canada, Italy, Ireland and Scandinavia. Her first > 20 years in her career were spent as state authorised public accountant and partner for a number of years in some of the big 4 accounting companies. Early in her career she chose to specialise within it security and internal controls which has taken her to the position that she hold today.’