With his educational background of graduated chemist and almost 10 years of industrial experience, Dr Adam Sobanski possesses the requisite knowledge and profile for developing and implementing measures for enhancing the effectiveness of managers and organisations. His experience in consultancy and his managerial position over many years in an internationally active department round off his profile. His extensive knowledge of how organisations of experts ‚think‘ and function as well as the way in which he has his finger on the pulse of a science-dominated world are essential criteria for acceptance in academic circles that are moulded by knowledge and technology, in R & D as well as in clinics. Dr Adam Sobanski knows both worlds: that of the consultant and that of the manager who has sought advice, and is therefore able to offer solutions that function well in the real corporate world. His main expertise are leading change processes in organizations that are dominated by specialists, such as in the pharmaceutical industry, biotechnological organizations, clinics and IT companies. Advice during or after reorganization projects, mergers, guidance on changes after introducing new processes and / or major size IT systems. Promoting team bonding of intercultural teams and project groups, for instance during the internationalization of organizations. Advising and coaching project managers and project teams, as well as Advising and coaching individual managers and entire management teams during crisis and change stages.