Dr. AbuAbah has studied, researched, and presented in many countries around the world: Canada, USA, Hungary, Lebanon, United Arab Emirates, Egypt, Australia and Saudi Arabia. As of December 2013, Dr. Ahmed AbuAbah was appointed as the Establishing Chief Executive Officer of King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital at Princess Nourah bint Abdulrahman University, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia. King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital is a greenfield teaching hospital. As CEO of the King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital in Riyadh, Dr. AbuAbah is tasked to not only build a new teaching hospital focusing on the health of women, adolescents, and children, but also to be the pathfinder for new ways of delivering clinical and operational excellence in the 19 teaching hospitals to be developed in Saudi Arabia over the next few years. Dr. Ahmed obtained his Clinical Fellowship in Pediatric Pulmonology Medicine from the University of Toronto, Canada. He completed his Master’s Degree in Executive Health Management from Washington University, USA. He studied and earned his Bachelor’s Degree at the Universtiy of Edinburgh. Dr. Ahmed is a certified Saudi Arabia Board in Pediatric Medicine. In March 2004, Dr. Ahmed worked in King Fahad Medical City for 8 years and was honored to have been chosen and delegated several leadership positions and responsibilities at King Fahad Medical City (KFMC), which is a leading tertiary care referral center throughout the Region. Throughout the years he served at KFMC, he was appointed as a Consultant for the CEO, Associate Executive Medical Director, Director of Continuous Professional Development (CPD), Chairman of Pediatric Department and Chief of Pediatric Pulmonary Division in Children’s Hospital. Before joining King Abdullah bin Abdulaziz University Hospital, he worked at National Hospital (private hospital) as a medical director and commissioning director for the new national hospital project.