Dr. Alexe Petcov is a seasoned IT operations and change manager. Over the last twenty years, he has worked as an IT consultant or director for major international companies for the last twenty years. His primary areas of focus are IT infrastructure, service management, business development and executive level consulting. With a German Ph. D. in physics, he started his career in large transformational projects, i.e. the standardization of the infrastructure for ten-thousands of Dow Chemical IT workstations. During his assignments in both manufacturing industry, e.g. at Lhoist Group, and the management consulting at Boston Consulting Group/Platinion, he has innovatively contributed to IT solution-finding and implementation. Dr. Petcov is the Professional Services Director of Detecon Al Saudia Co. Ltd. (DETASAD) a major Saudi IT and telecommunications managed services provider. He has driven in the last year the development of the SAHABA platform; this commercial Dell / Red Hat engineered OpenStack community cloud is protected with the support of Dell SecureWorks, ZENEDGE, and Cyber Smart Defence.