He is a Professor at Zagazig University in Egypt. From November 2004 through September 2006, he served as Deputy Minister at the Egyptian Ministry of Transport. In positions of progressively increasing responsibility, he have been responsible for undertaking and/or directing a wide range of projects requiring extensive knowledge of and experience in transportation planning and modeling, traffic modeling and simulation, transportation system management, traffic studies, highway design, transportation asset management, accident referencing and analysis systems, incident management, safety audits, intelligent transport systems, traffic management, construction management, and civil engineering system analysis. This work has been done in association with world-renowned educational institutions and government bodies in Egypt, USA, Canada, and United Arab Emirates. As Deputy Minister, he served as negotiator on behalf of Egypt for the EU Euro-Med Transport Project and represented Egypt as a member of the EU High-Level Group on Transport. During the same period, he was Secretary for the National Egyptian Committee on Trade and Transport and a member of the National Committee for General Agreement for Trade on Services (GATS).