Faryal Khan is the Programme Specialist for Education at UNESCO Doha Office, covering the Arab States in the Gulf and Yemen.She earned her doctorate in Educational Administration, Planning, and Social Policy (concentration: International Education) from Harvard University (2005). She has two masters’ degrees in Education: from the University of the Punjab, Lahore, Pakistan (1989), and Harvard’s Graduate School of Education, USA (1995).Dr. Khan is currently serving at UNESCO Doha, and is responsible for the UNESCO Education programme in policy, planning, capacity development, and evaluation. She is focusing on some of the pressing issues related to improving access and learning outcomes from basic to higher education and learning. She served at the UNESCO Education Sector from 1995 – 2001 (Paris HQs). At the Division for Basic to Higher Education and Learning, amongst other responsibilities, she coordinated the ANQAHE and APQN networks for Quality Assurance in Higher Education in the Arab States and the Asia Pacific regions within the framework of the UNESCO/World Bank GIQAC initiative. From 2006-2011, she served at the Division for Educational Strategies and Capacity Building where she led the UNESCO National Education Support Strategies (UNESS) in Asia, the Arab States, and the Caribbean. She negotiated key partnerships between UNESCO and UNDP in the area of capacity development needs assessment methodologies (CAPNAM); and UNESCO and the Global Partnership for Education (formerly EFA FTI) in the area of education sector planning. She was appointed to the UNESCO New York Office as Liaison Officer for Education in 2009.Dr. Khan is best known for her research in Local Governance of Education in Asia, Africa, the Arab States, and Latin America and the Caribbean. She has also conducted extensive research on education in developing countries including Bangladesh, Chile, Egypt, Nigeria, Pakistan, and Thailand.Her research focuses on educational governance, aid effectiveness in education, and educational financing.Prior to joining UNESCO, Dr. Khan worked for the World Bank, Washington, D.C., and Beaconhouse School System, Pakistan, one of the largest private school systems in Asia. She currently serves as Ambassador for Admissions at the Harvard Graduate School of Education, and is a board member of the McLean National Council, Harvard University, USA.