Dr. Fraz Chishti, PhD, is the Head of Customer Experience at Noor Bank. In his current role, Dr. Chishti oversees the Bank’s strategic customer experience processes, and is mandated with delivering innovative and responsive services that fulfill customer needs, with utmost convenience. He has extensive experience in implementing best practices within the organization and has played a significant role in increasing internal employee engagement. Under his guidance and due to his team’s efforts, Noor Bank was recently honored with the “Best Customer Experience: Journey Maps” and “Best Benchmarking Index: Best Overall Branches” awards from the 2016 Service Olympian Awards, hosted by the reputed Ethos Integrated Solutions – in recognition of its enhanced customer experience. Prior to his current role, Dr. Chishti also served as Chief Innovation Officer at Noor Bank – where he was responsible for proactively nurturing corporate culture to grow and sustain innovation activities. He is a member of Noor Bank’s extended management committee and is also a member of UAE Banks Federation PR and Communications advisory board.