Dr. Ghazi El Sherif has a Ph. D. and M Sc. in environmental engineering from Alexandria University, Egypt and university of New Castle Upon Tyne, United Kingdom respectively. He also has M.P.H.Sc. in public health engineering and B Sc. in civil engineering from Alexandria University. Since then he worked as staff member of Alexandria University, occupying position professor of environmental engineering. In parallel, he occupied numerous consulting and advisory positions for governmental & non governmental organizations as well as industrial institutions in the field of environmental engineering particularly water, wastewater, industrial wastewater, and solid waste management for sustainable development. Since 2004, he has been working in Public Works Authority Qatar, as environmental engineering expert with the responsibility of coordinating infrastructures projects with the provision of environmental management services during design, construction and operation stages for the successful compliance with the environmental standards as well as for sustainable development. He has 30 years practical experience in the above mentioned fileds as well as published nearly 35 publications in international conferences as well as scientific international journals. With regard to Integrated Municipal Solids Waste Management IMSWM, Dr. Ghazi worked during 2000 -2003 as technical advisor in Ministry of Environment, Egypt, where he assist ten Egyptian governorates to establish application of Integrated Municipal Solid Waste Management IMSWM Projects such as Cairo, Giza, Aswan, Al Daqahliya, AL Qalubia, Tanta, Beni Sweif, Al Sewase, Luxor and Ghardaka.