Dr. Mahmoud Khattab is the Chairman and CEO of B.TECH for retail and distribution. Since 1988, he has been a pioneer in the marketing and management fields and actively involved in public service through his participation in different business organizations and governmental committees, translating his diverse experience into the development of innovative business strategies and plans. This is reflected in B.TECH’s growth from 3 branches and less than 100 employees during its foundation in 1997 to more than 67 branches and 2,500 employees. Today, B.TECH stands as the largest retail chain and distribution network in Egypt, boasting the highest geographical coverage in the region. In addition to specializing in household appliances and consumer electronics as well as being the exclusive distributer for a number of multinational brands, B.TECH has revolutionized the modern shopping experience by offering an unrivalled variety of products which are available to consumers via its branches, which cover 22 governorates in Egypt, in addition to its unique online presence and offers, and made more accessible through its renowned consumer credit services.