Dr Majdah Shugdar is the Director General assistant for Healthcare Accreditation Department at Saudi Center For Accreditation of Healthcare Institution -CBAHI. Dr Majdah has an outstanding expertise in all aspects of healthcare and quality assurance, with 18 years of experience in the field. She is capable of achieving maximum profits by applying creative problem solving techniques and management skills. Dr Majdah Shugdar is responsible to develop the CBAHI standards through developing performance indicators based on hospital structure. She is leading the office of Policy & Procedure Management. She is managing the accreditation process for Saudi Healthcare Institutions. Recentely in April 2016 she was certified as surveyor for the Australian Council on Healthcare Standards Dr Majdah Shugdar has a direct involvement in setting the surveyor training program for Planning training programs for (900) employees amongst other hospitals to comply with the CBAHI Standards and improve the Surveyor Application System as well. Dr Majdah Shugdar has successfully established the Policies and Procedures system for KFH. She provided training to Quality Improvement employees within 23 departments including quality concepts dimensions tool, quality improvement tools, and performance improvement projects. She has initiated the Staff Awareness and Committee Team “SACT” enforcing quality education & culture and created the Patient Safety Goal Program Team and developed a FOCUS PDCA program. Dr Majdah Shugdar represented IMC and conducted corrective actions based on site visits reports from JCI. She established a thorough Commission Committee and developed IMC‘s TQM and Patient Safety Plan in coordination with Cleveland Clinic. She has contributed to the standard guidelines for writing the Administrative and Internal Policies & Procedures System: Template, Policy on Policies & Procedures, Approval Process, Frame of Reference of the Hospital Policies & Procedures Committee. She has established the Risk Management structure including Sentinel Event, Root Cause Analysis, and the Occurrence Variance Report System