Since 2009 Dr. Marco Bettelini works as Head of Ventilation and Safety with Amberg Engineering Ltd. and he is also member of the Board of directors of Amberg Engineering Ltd. After his post-doc at Brown University (Providence, RI, USA) in 1990-1991, he joined ABB Corporate Research in the field of aerodynamics, ventilation and safety. He held different positions ranging from Project leader to CEO in a number of leading engineering companies, including HBI Haerter, INELMEC and Lombardi. His consultancy focus ranges from Design to Safe operation and covers all aspects related to ventilation and safety for road, rail and metro tunnels. His references include the new Gotthard Base Tunnel (57.1 km), LTF, BBT as well as the Gotthard Road Tunnel (17 km), the Mont Blanc (11.6) and Fréjus Road Tunnels (13.2 km). His research interests include optimum emergency management, optimum ventilation control and numerical simulation applied to infrastructural safety.