Dr. Peter Werner is the Dean of the College of Science and head of the UAEU-National Water Center in UAEU Al Ain. Since 2008, Dr. Werner has been a member of the Scientific Committee of the project “ATTENA” executed by BRGM France, a member of the “Deutscher Wissenschaftsrat” at the evaluation of the Bundesanstalt für Gewässerkunde in Koblenz and a member of the German Water Partnership in general and member of the subdivision “Vietnam”. Dr. Werner received his Diploma Degree in Biology from University Saarbrücken. Later he received his Doctorial Degree from the University of Saarbrücken and his PhD on the subject: “Microbiology of Activated Carbon Filtration for Drinking Water Treatment”. Also Dr. Werner received the Honorary Doctor Degree of the Vietnam National University. His main fields of research include: – Microbiological treatment of contaminated soils and waters – Natural attenuation of soils and aquifers – Physico-chemical pre-treatment of contaminants – Applicability of different electron acceptors, i.e. nitrates, sulphates, iron for bioremediation processes – Risk assessment and risk management of sites contaminated with Hydrocarbons, PAH, halogenated solvent, BTEX, MTBE, ammonia – Microbiological sorption and solubilisation of heavy metals and metalloids – Waste to Energy (biogas production)