Dr. Reza Javaherdashti holds a double degree in Materials Science and Metallurgical Engineering. He has more than 15 years of industrial and academic experience. In addition to numerous research papers and root cause analysis reports, He has authored four books about corrosion and microbial corrosion. Two of these books are: – Reza Javaherdashti, Chikezie Nwaoha, Henry Tan “CORROSION AND MATERIALS IN OIL ANDGAS INDUSTRIES”, published by CRC Press/ Taylor&Francis, USA, 2013. – Reza Javaherdashti, Microbiologically influenced corrosion-an engineering insight”, Springer-Verlag, UK, 2008. (The electronic copy of this book was one of the top 50% most downloaded eBooks in the relevant Springer eBook collection in 2012) Dr.Javaherdashti has more than 4000 hours of training industry in corrosion and MIC. Some of industry representatives so far attendingDr. Javaherdashti’s microbial corrosion workshops are: • Phillips 66 research Centre, (USA) • WesternPower (Australia) • Various oil and gas Companies(Australia) • Commonwealth Science and Industry Research Organization (CSIRO) (Australia) • Sweden Nuclear Fuel and waste management (Sweden) • South African Institute of Corrosion (South Africa) • Petronas (Malaysia) • Thailand oil and gas (Thailand) • Indonesia oil and gas-(NACEsection Jakarata-ndonesia) • Desalination Technologies Research Institute(DTRI) , (Saudi Arabia) • Qatar petroleum (Qatar) • Rasgas (Qatar) • Qatar Airways (Qatar) • Maersk (Qatar) • Society of Petroleum Engineers (UAE) • California Polytechnic State University (USA) • University of Technology (UTM) (Malaysia) • Qatar University (Qatar) Dr. Javaherdashti is a long-standing member of NACE (USA) and Austalasian corrosion Association (ACA)