Dr. Dessureault is an Associate Professor at the University of Arizona’s Mining Engineering department where he directs the Mine Intelligence Research Group (MIRG), which has a remote operations control room and development facilities where applied research and pre-commercial products are developed (www.mirg.arizona.edu) by a team of mature experienced researchers. His consulting company MISOM Consulting Services Inc. (www.misomcs.com), has mining and MIS personnel that design, build, and service data warehouse business, intelligence systems, real-time control rooms, mobile applications, and social media data mining products, and advises corporate leadership on technology strategy and selection. Another organization, Stakeholder Listening & Analysis (www.stakeholderla. com) run by MISOM CS, provides stakeholder monitoring, listening, dashboards, and online content management and creation. He also pursues sustainable development (SD) research and consulting related to political risk and SD indicators.