Dr.Sultan Al-Yahyai is currently the Information Technology Manager at Mazoon Electricity Company. He finished his PhD from Sultan Qaboos University on the field of Numerical Weather Applications for Wind Energy. He worked for Oman Weather Service for 14 years during the period of 2000-2014. He worked as Head of Numerical Weather Prediction section where he developed the Numerical Weather Prediction System at Oman Weather Service. He contributed to the development of the former hydrostatic HRM model which was then replaced by the Non-hydrostatic model COSMO. He developed one of the first NWP model verification system (ORMVERIF) that was requested and used by more than 20 weather service and research center. He supported the development of NWP capabilities on different countries around the world. He is serving as Tsunami Risk Assessment expert with the UNESCO. He published more than 20 research paper on international journals and more than 30 conference paper. His current research areas are Model verification, Wind Energy Modelling, Tsunami Risk Assessment.