Dr. Vasanth K. Joshi is a Seasoned Healthcare Management executive with vast international exposure to both, clinical and healthcare managerial verticals. Having a degree in medicine coupled with postgraduate qualification in Health Administration (MHA) from a U.S. University. Dr. Vasanth, served CEO of-Health Care Allianz, Started by well-known Healthcare Management experts in Bangalore, providing online and offline medical services, Tele Radiology and Medical Tourism. Online services included eQuery, Physician Referrals and Second Opinions. Dr. Vasanth was also a director of Wellzio Inc., a US based medical software company specialising in Chronic Disease Management Electronic Medical Record, bringing the Physician, Patient, Laboratory and Pharmacy on the same platform. With his 38 years of rich experience, Dr. Vasanth is serving an advisory role in Wenzins Technologies (India) Private Limited.