Ed Boudrot is the Vice President of Product Strategy within Optum Technology. Ed Brings his background in Fortune 500 companies such as Intuit and Ask Jeeves as well as technology startups, Boudrot specializes in the innovation of experiences, products, and solutions, and works to integrate human-centered design, market research, product management, development practices, and experience management. He lives for the rush of turning thought -an abstract idea- into something real, tangible, touchable, readable, effectual, profitable. He loves to get things done! His passion is bringing new innovative experiences, products and solutions to market, resulting in leading companies. He executes relentlessly with a “get it done” attitude leveraging his “big idea” skills learned at Babson and years of experience successfully competing in emerging markets. He is now with Optum Technologies, driving products and experiences that change the experience of healthcare. He founded the idea and process called “Fusion” that focuses on fusing Market research, Human centered design, Product Management, Experience management and Development practices together for more delivering faster more effective solutions to market.