Fabrizio Brenner is a 52 years old claims expert, born in Turin, 1964. After graduating in law, he spent 4 years as a practitioner and then as an associate at a major law firm in Turin, where – among other – he become familiar with TPL claims and compensation parameters. He started his insurance career in Sara Assicurazioni in 1992 as a senior claims adjuster; afterwards he was been appointed as Regional Head of Claims, which he held until 1996. In 1996 he started his claims reinsurance experience in GE Frankona – as Italian Claims Manager – where he handled key case claims (mainly casualty ones). During his experience, he redesigned a “compliance claims process” by using the Quality Six Sigma methodology, carried out several claims audits, supported the UW team in analyzing loss data before the renewals and during yearly meetings with Key Clients. He also worked with an international team, made up to redesign the company reserving process. After the acquisition of GE Frankona by Swiss Re, in 2006, he went back to direct insurance as head of claim for a start up company, where he drove the claims network implementation and set up the internal guidelines for the claims network activity (including “reserving & settlement limits”, reporting rules, auditing process). He also developed the legal claims process, by setting up an external lawyers’ network and defining the specific internal guidelines to be followed in order to properly handle legal cases. He directly reported to the CEO about the claims department activity and results. In 2014 he came back into the Reinsurance business, joining Swiss Re where he currently works as Claims Expert.